Many of my clients ask how & why is their carpet buckling and rippling. For that question there are several answers but the most common reason for a carpet needing to be re-stretched is poor installation.

Poor installation you ask? Indeed. Unfortunately, too many carpet installers use short cuts these days and power stretching during installation is the worst short cut possible. The power stretcher is a heavy tool that requires setting up and breaking down in every room. A step that many installers would rather avoid. At Dallas Carpet Repair always stretch your carpet with a power stretcher, always. Otherwise we could not offer our lifetime guarantee.

The other reasons for buckling aren’t as common but they include things like allowing your home to exceed 85 degrees inside. This usually happens if you rent your home and it sits unoccupied for a time with the AC turned off or too low. The same is true obviously when homes for sale are left in the same condition. Another common cause is making the mistake of sliding heavy furniture across the carpet. Regardless of how it buckled one thing is always true, it’s unattractive and left untreated for very long will only make it worse. After time you will begin to notice that not only are the ripples getting bigger but they’re darker or dirtier and this is because of the fact that rippled carpet is raised above the flat surface of the rest of the room and that creates a rub mark from the soles of your shoes.

The worst potential part of rippled or buckled carpet is the fact that they create a trip hazard and if you have ripples in your business then that is also a potential law suit waiting to happen. When you notice ripples beginning to form or even if you’ve been looking at that thing for months or years just remember, we can restretch your carpet in no time and return it to its original glory.

What is involved in re-stretching my carpet?

Well, first we ask that you move those pieces of furniture that are easily relocated. Lamps, end tables and things like this are examples of the easy stuff. When we arrive we will assess the need and make recommendations on any additional furniture moving.

What if I am unable to move my furniture?

Let is set where it is. We use furniture sliders for heavy pieces that allows us to gently relocate a piece of furniture so we can work around it. Very rarely do we encounter a furniture situations that we cannot handle.

How much should I expect to pay?


So don’t settle for those pesky ripples and buckles in your carpet. Call Dallas Carpet Repair today and we’ll make them disappear.

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