Stay Beautiful

Purchasing a service agreement doesn’t always pay off. After all, if an appliance runs for 20 years the service agreement was essentially a waste of money. That’s why we created the Stay Beautiful Program, which offers a guaranteed value to our clients and keeps carpets looking like new year-round.


How It Works

The program provides three carpet cleanings per year for virtually the same price as one. During the first visit, our team performs a complete deep cleaning including moving furniture and removing stains, if necessary.

After the initial cleaning, a follow-up appointment is scheduled for six months later. During the follow-up cleaning, we focus on the high traffic areas that tend to show dirt the fastest. Cleaning is performed on all areas not covered by furniture and under tables and dining room chairs.

One year from the initial deep cleaning another complete cleaning is performed. Best of all, there is still no cost to the client. All three visits are included in the price of the Stay Beautiful Program.


Pricing for the Stay Beautiful program is a combination of an upfront payment combined with an extremely low monthly fee. Clients pay the full cost for the first initial cleaning. This amount varies based on the size of the home or building and the number of rooms that contain carpet.

After the initial cleaning, program participants pay a small monthly fee of 10 percent of the initial cleaning cost. This money is essentially a prepayment toward the future cleaning, but we break it down into smaller amounts.

Payment Methods

Making payments through the Stay Beautiful program couldn’t be easier. Many clients choose to have the monthly fees automatically deducted from their checking amounts. For those who prefer to write checks, we provide monthly payment coupons and postage paid envelopes.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee our client’s satisfaction at all times while they are enrolled in the Stay Beautiful Program. To cancel enrolment in this program at any time simply notify us. We will stop any scheduled account drafts and we will refund any money that has been collected toward your next cleaning service.

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